Alhambra Nasrid Palace

Visiting The Nasrid Palace In Alhambra

Often described as the highlight of Alhambra, the Nasrid Palace is a beautiful mansion that built for the Spanish Muslim rulers. With its perfectly proportional rooms, breathtaking symmetry, intricately detailed stucco walls, antique wooden ceilings, and brightly colored tiles, the Nasrid Palace is stunning in every sense of the word and definitely worth your time. A thriving example of Moorish-style architecture and craftsmanship, the Nasrid Palace is unlike any other in the entire world. A peaceful stroll through the quaint halls and rooms of this breathtaking palace will transport you to the days of Spanish royalty and showcase their opulence and grandeur. Presently, the Nasrid Palace perfectly represents Islamic art and culture in Spain. Within the Nasrid Palace, there are many places of interest which you should visit, including the Palace of Comares, Lion's Palace, Golden Room Courtyard and more. Do note that entry to the Nasrid Palace is strictly controlled and only a fixed number of people are allowed in at a time. Your ticket will mention the time slot allocated to you and you can explore the rest of Alhambra accordingly.

Major Highlights of the Nasrid Palace


El Mexuar

Restored by Muhammad V, this hall known as the Mexuar served as a meeting room for the council of ministers where reunions happened after the Sultanate imparted justice. A beautiful space, the Mexuar features four majestic columns at the centre of the room decorated with muqarnas. The ceiling on the other hand has Christian origins and is decorated with paintings and gold motifs. The Mexuar also has a second level which has a courtyard that leads to the oratory.


Palace of Comares

With a beautiful collection of rooms located close to the Arrayanes Courtyard, the Palace of Comares is another highlight of Alhambra. Both ends of the palace feature porticoed galleries, adding to the beauty of the place. This palace functioned as the official place of residence of the Sultan, making it one of the many important palaces in Alhambra. During construction, special effort was put into making the palace as exquisite as possible. The northern end of the palace house the Barca Hall and the Embajadores Hall, both of which are a must visit.


Golden Room Courtyard

Named after the grotesques of the ceiling, the Golden Room is another highlight of the Nasrid Palace. The ceiling was painted in pure gold by Catholic Kings, lending it an aura of opulence. Apart from the room, there's also a courtyard through an arched portico with three arches. To make things even more magical, there's a beautiful fountain made of marble in the middle of the courtyard. A gate links this royal courtyard with the Reja courtyard at one side.


Lion’s Palace

Built at an angle better the Baths and the Arrayanes Courtyard, the Lion's Palace features private rooms belonging to the royal family. The palace features a central courtyard which is surrounded by beautiful galleries linked to different rooms. At the north of this courtyard, you can find the Ajimeces, the Dos Hermanas and the Mirador de Daraxa. On the south is the Harem and the Abencerrajes Hall, on the east is the Reyes Hall, and on the west is the Mocarabes Hall


Mirador de Daraxa

A part of the Dos Hermanas Hall, the Mirador de Daraxa offers majestic views of the garden and the entire city of Granada as well. Intricately decorated and adorned with Arabic verses, the building will mesmerize you with its gigantic dome. Over the windows, the arch is decorated with muqarnas, which is carved with inscriptions of praise to God on the door.

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