A Quick Guide to the Alhambra Entrances | Location, Tickets, & Other Tips

Where is Alhambra located?

Address: C. Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain | Find on maps

Alhambra is situated in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. The palace and fortress was built atop a plateau, overlooking the Albayzin quarter, an area that was a part of Granada’s Moorish time. At its base is the gorgeous Darro River, located to the north of the palace.

How to access Alhambra entrances?

  • Taxi or City Microbus: Plaza Nueva has a taxi rank and a microbus stop.
  • Bus (Lines 30 and 32): Stops within the Alhambra complex include- Ticket Offices (Entrance Pavilion), Torre de las Cabezas (Tower of the Heads) – near Charles V Palace and Nasrid Palaces, Puerta de la Justicia (Gate of Justice) – closest to the Alcazaba.

Alhambra entrances

Before you visit the palace, here’s what you need to know about the Alhambra entrances and where they are located. Find everything you need on this page.

Alhambra entrance location and getting there

The Gate of Justice and the Pavilion Main Entrance are the two main Alhambra entrances.

Alhambra Entrances

The Pavilion Main Entrance

This entrance is for visitors who do not have their tickets or for those who have to collect their QR codes from the ticket office. It is located on the east side of the fortress, close to the Generalife Gardens. As its name suggests, this is the main entrance to Alhambra. Close to this entrance is the ticket office at Access Pavilion. You can collect your tickets and QR code from here.

How to reach? You can get to this entrance by public transport or by car. If you’re driving down to Alhambra, you will find a spacious car park right by the main entrance. 

Entrance timings: Alhambra is open from 8:30 AM to 8 PM. The ticket office opens at 8 AM.

Average wait time: It might take you between 30 minutes to an hour to enter Alhambra. This wait can be much longer during weekends and public holidays. 

Alhambra Entrances - Gate of Justice

The Gate of Justice

The Justice Gate is located close to the Alcazaba and Nasrid Palaces. If you already have your tickets, you can enter through this gate. The queue here is generally much shorter than the main entrance so we suggest using this entrance. Simply display your e-ticket/QR code and enter from this gate.

How to reach? There is no parking space near this entrance so you will have to take a bus to reach here. Another option is to walk up to the palace, soaking in the beautiful sights along the way. Bus routes C30, C32, and C35 will get you to this entrance.

Entrance timings: The Justice Gate is open from 8:30 AM to 8 PM.

Average wait time: You might have to wait about 15 minutes to enter Alhambra from this entrance.

Disability access

Although Alhambra is accessible to people with reduced mobility, this is applicable to only certain areas of the palace. Due to its age, not all areas are easy to navigate by wheelchair. 

Visitors with motor disabilities can avail of a customized tour covering the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife Gardens, and some other areas. Wheelchairs are available at the palace. Sign language guides are also available for free in English and Spanish.

You can enquire about these tours at the ticket office once you reach Alhambra.

Where are the Alhambra entrances?

There are two main Alhambra entrances - the Pavilion Main Entrance and The Gate of Justice. The Pavilion Main Entrance is for guests who do not have a ticket and is located on the east side of the attraction. The Gate of Justice entrance is for those who have online tickets. This entrance is close to the Nasrid Palaces.

Which Alhambra entrance do I choose? 

The best thing to do before you visit Alhambra is to book your tickets online. This will save you loads of time and you can enter through the Gate of Justice, which is close to the Nasrid Palaces. All you have to do is display your QR code and head right in.

However, if you haven’t pre-purchased your tickets, you will have to head to the ticket office at Access Pavilion and then enter through the main gate. Keep in mind that the queues at the Gate of Justice are much shorter and move faster in comparison to the ones at the main entrance.

How do I enter Alhambra?

Alhambra Entrances -  Alhambra Palace

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Frequently asked questions about the Alhambra entrances

Where is Alhambra?

Alhambra is situated in Granada, Andalusia.

Where is the Alhambra entrance?

The main entrance of Alhambra is on the eastern side, called the Pavilion Main Entrance.

How many Alhambra entrances are there?

There are two entrances to the Alhambra - the Pavilion Main Entrance and the Justice Gate.

Which is the best Alhambra entrance?

The Gate of Justice is the best Alhambra entrance. It accepts skip the line tickets and the queue at this gate is short and moves fast.

What is the average wait time at the Alhambra entrance?

The average wait time for ticket holders is around one hour during peak hours because of the rush. However, individuals who do not have tickets may need to wait an hour or two to visit the place. During non-peak hours, you can enter in just about 15 to 30 minutes.

Which Alhambra entrance do skip the line ticket holders use?

If you have skip the line tickets, you should use the Gate of Justice entrance.

Which Alhambra entrance is used for guided tours?

Guests who opt for guided tours usually enter through the Gate of Justice as the lines are short and move faster.

Which Alhambra entrance do I use if I have already purchased the tickets?

If you have already purchased your Alhambra tickets, you should check if there is a QR barcode or not. You can use the Gate of Justice if the ticket has a barcode. If there is no barcode, you can use the Main Pavilion Entrance.

Which Alhambra entrance do I use if I don't have tickets?

If you don't have tickets, you can head to the Main Pavilion Entrance to buy them.

Which Alhambra entrance should I use to travel with a group?

If you are travelling with a group and you have your tickets ready, you can enter through the Gate of Justice. If not, you will have to get your tickets from the ticket office and enter through the Pavilion Main Entrance.

Which Alhambra entrance is suitable for disabled persons?

The main Alhambra entrance is accessible to all visitors. However, visitors who already have a ticket can enter through the Gate of Justice.

What are the Alhambra timings?

Alhambra is open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM, all days of the week.

What time should I visit Alhambra to avoid waiting in line?

Visit Alhambra early in the morning on a weekday to avoid waiting in line. Additionally, book your tickets online to enter from the Gate of Justice, which is faster.